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Bishop Thina Thoodhu Raja

@ Dr. R. Ramesh Kumar


Bishop Thina Thoodhu Raja @ Dr. R. Ramesh Kumar Founder and Correspondent of St John’s Elite Matriculation Higher Secondary School works with a heaviness in his heart and soul for the poor and downtrodden people. He makes people understand the true love of the Lord. Bishop Thina Thoodhu Raja @ Dr. R. Ramesh Kumar is the correspondent and head of two great educational institutions and diligently works for the upliftment of students teachers and parents. 

As the saying goes “Behind every great man there is a great woman” is wife madam Mrs. Shanthi Ramesh Kumar is associates paster with him help him in his ministry and so on. 

With the vision of establishing 1000 Churches, he also strives hard to expand his ministry through television and thus came into existence the “Thoodhu TV” spreading God's word everywhere. By the abundant grace of God Bishop Thina Thoodhu Raja will be initiating so many other ministries like village ministry, youth fellowship, etc., shortly and honor and glorify God in all respects.  

Bishop Thina Thoodhu Raja @ Dr. R. Ramesh Kumar is a dedicated man of God used very mightily by him in India and many places. He ministers tirelessly day and night pouring his life into doing the Lord's work. He spends many hours in prayer. A strong foundation for his work for which he has laid down his life was laid in his childhood by his father late Rev. Dr. G. Rajakumar who was a man of Prayer and Faith a man with a greater vision.

1992 Bishop Thina Thoodhu Raja @ Dr. R. Ramesh Kumar was doing his ministry from his witness experience. Later in the year 2001, he was ordained as a pastor and was doing his Church Ministries and Evangelical Ministries. After the death of his father Late Bishop. Dr. G. Rajakumar the pastor of branch churches and with the blessing of his mother and siblings. Bishop Thina Thoodhu Raja @ Dr. R. Ramesh Kumar was solemnized as Bishop Thina Thoodhu Raja by Late Dr. DGS Dhinakaran and Bishop. Dr. Dayanandhan on June 4th, 2006.

Thereafter his ministry started full-fledged and his mission is to establish 1000 Churches all over the world and started working tirelessly to accomplish his mission.

“Let our founder life inspire us to live for Christ”

St Johns Elite school Founder
Rt. Rev. Dr. G. Rajakumar & Mrs. Sakuntala Rajakumar
Founder & Visionary – St. John’s Group

Our founder Rt. Rev Rajakumar is a magnanimous and dynamic personality he is not with us today but his memories remain evergreen in the minds of the teaching fraternity, students, menials and well-wishers

               Our founder, a faith builder, and a man of vision had worked for the cause of education. Hence we take an oath on this 50th year of publication that we will accomplish his dream and take the caption St. John’s to greater heights

Our chairperson Madam Mrs.Sakuntala Rajakumar is a perfect example of a humble and supportive wife who stood by him in all his endeavors and encouraged him to overcome all his obstacles through sincere prayer and hard work. Her good counsel took St. John’s to the pinnacle of glory.

Our School

     The school was established in the year 1970 and is affiliated with the Tamil Nadu state board. it caters to the age group 2 years to 18 years from classes Pre-Kg to XII the school has a total strength of 2000 students 100 teaching and Non-teaching staff


St. John’s Baba Nagar is located in the beautiful and serene locality of Baba Nagar Villivakkam Chennai


     The school is administered by Correspondent, Administrator, Principal, Vice-principal, Headmistress and coordinator who deal with day to day administration of the school and ensure the general policy laid down by the Governing Body is implemented.

Our Motto :


     Education is what ultimately remains after one has forgotten all that one learned in school and college. this is what St. John’s aim at imparting wisdom the ability to think and utilize knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.

    Our motto will be a motivation impulse, taking each student on a quest for knowledge, instilling in them a passion for discovery, an urge to go beyond the frontier of the unknown.

     The idea is to see that Education is not a cliché-ridden concept centering around classroom conditioning.

Each student with the wisdom gained is a discoverer exploring the world around him and coming to terms with life, as it unfolds in all its complexities.

Our Mission:

    We prepare students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place. We will ensure that our students develop both the skills that sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership


  • Every student receives individual and personal attention and the Maximum comfort possible

  • We Make the education a purposeful, Meaning full and enjoyable experience

  • The School is reputed for producing cent percent result in both Higher Secondary and Matriculation Examination

  • To instill in the young minds, scientific temper and a passion for discovery the school conducts science and Arts exhibitions every year providing opportunities for students to exhibit their models and projects.

  • The school organized a mini-marathon 'Race for peace' in which more than 2000 students from about 150 city schools participated and carnival 2002, a city-level cultural extravaganza in which more than 1000 students from about 100 city schools participated.

  • In commemoration of the World Year of Physics, the school organized 'Energy 2005' - a curriculum-based science project exhibiting more than 500 projects on various aspects of science. More than 17,000 students and teachers from about 158 city schools and the general public visited this information-packed mega Exhibition.

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